Coaching is a partnership. You are in the driver’s seat and, I, as your coach, am in the passenger’s seat up front. You decide on the destination and I will help you navigate the road signs, possible obstacles and generally look out for any major bumps or pitfalls in the path until you no longer need my assistance. We are both honest with each other and together we explore new pathways.

Coaching is forward motion. Together we look at where you are now and help you close the gap between here and there. We do not spend time drudging through your past. We do identify any limiting beliefs you might have and learn how to dismantle them in order to choose new beliefs that support you today. I will ask powerful questions, in a gentle way, to help you clearly identify what your goals really are and what kind of impact they make in your life.

Coaching with NLP tools.  By identifying your key learning style, we use language and behavior to “anchor” new perspectives into previously unsatisfying situations. Your brain is flexible and is eager to discover new ways to look, listen and behave that are in alignment with your highest good. The process is often quite “playful” and, at the same time, transforming.

What Coaching is not. Coaching is not counseling, consulting or therapy. I will not be giving you advice, analyzing your behavior or telling you what to do. You make the decisions that are right for you. This coaching process is growth-producing and quite effective with the right ingredients in the coach/client relationship. A commitment to exploration is fundamental to the success of coaching. Follow-through on agreed upon assignments makes progress possible.