People are my passion.  Always have been and still are. As a young child,Sybil Furman 2 I used to gather the other kids in the neighborhood to “play school”. I taught them to read and do simple math. We had lots of fun on the front porch of a 2 bedroom bungalow in Long Beach, Ca. When it was time to choose a major for college (Pomona, one of the Claremont Colleges), I picked Psychology because of my fascination with people and what made them tick.

After earning a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, I became a school psychologist in the Bay Area, CA. Going from school to school for seven years was not a satisfying experience for me so I went to Family Therapy Training to become a About Sybil Furmanlicensed MFCC (Marriage, Family, Child Counselor) in private practice. Not knowing the ropes of becoming a successful entrepreneur at that time, I eventually took a position as a school counselor in Reno, NV. Thirty years later, after 16 at Vaughn Middle School and 14 at Galena High School, I retired from the school district.

My next career path in education involved teaching at TMCC (psychology, sociology and public speaking), as well as 10 years at University of Phoenix in their school counseling department. Recently, April 2012, I began an intensive, 125 hour training program to become a certified NLP coach and completed the training in August, 2012.

I thrive on learning: about myself, about others. Married and divorced, I raised one wonderful daughter (and friend) who is now happily married. I’ve been through several transitions with the loss of many loved ones, including a life-long partner. Staying in balance with body/mind/spirit is an important focus in my life. Helping others find that stability in their lives brings me joy.

I thoroughly delight in working with others, particularly those who want to make a change in their current situation and are committed to manifesting their dreams.