“My experience with Sybil as a coach has been great! Her total presence and curiosity together with powerful questions enabled me to obtain deep insights with incredible ease! I really enjoyed her support and positive energy and would recommend her for anybody who is ready to take an inner journey and is willing to achieve better life!”

Ivar L, CEO of a real estate development firm, Estonia

“I recently had a life changing coaching session with Sybil. She was completely present with me as a coach, allowing me to feel safe to open up and discover a limiting belief that was holding me back from achieving one of my dreams. She was there to completely support me as I transformed that old limiting belief into one that now empowers me on my life journey. Thank you Sybil!”

 Ron C. San Ramon, CA

“Sybil has a smile and eloquence that unequivocally light up a room! She was one of my college Professors and her impact on me was unforgettable. I am very excited for Sybil and her new venture with Manifest Dreams Now. Her life experience, unmatched positive attitude, and high-quality education will ensure nothing but success with her new business as a Life Coach. I’m standing in line for my coaching and cannot wait for the outcome.”

Tracy S. Las Vegas, NV


“I am currently in Sybil’s group Women Journey Together . I find her to be an excellent leader and facilitator. She inspires me to seek out the joy in life. I am so glad to be participating in this journey. She is a leader who helps you grow and shares your steps with enthusiasm and encouragement.”

Fran P. Reno, NV


“Working with Sybil has truly been an enriching experience. She is a skilled coach who cares about helping her clients reach the goals that will make a difference in their lives. Sybil brings a lightness and playfulness to her coaching, yet at the same time helps you to focus on what really matters. Sybil has a way of looking beyond the surface of the matter and bringing out the best in people. There is a genuine and sincere nature about Sybil that draws people toward her…it certainly drew me to her! Thanks for all of your support Sybil!”

Christine M. HR consultant, Omaha, Ne

I have had several coaching sessions with Sybil Furman, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling in any aspect of their lives. She helped me find the answers myself in a very safe, nurturing, and supportive manner. I realized how my own thoughts were shaping my reality and was able to change them and my situation. Thank you Sybil! Xoxo

                                                                                                    Laura H., Reno, NV